Cool Tools 2022 Spotlight: Workflowy

In this post, Shay Elbaum talks about the features of the Cool Tool he demoed at the 2022 AALL Annual Meeting. Shay is a Faculty Research Librarian at University of Michigan Law Library. Questions about this Cool Tool? Contact him at

Screenshot of Workflowy exampleWorkflowy is a deceptively simple app. You start with just a blank page and a bullet point. From there, you can use it to take notes and make lists, but Workflowy’s additional features – tagging, color coding, and an impressive variety of search options – make it an especially cool tool. I’ve been using it as my backup brain for years now, and prefer its simplicity and flexibility to any other note-taking or productivity tool I’ve tried.

Instead of describing it here, I’d like to show it to you. [Click on this link to go to the Workflowy page I created for this presentation.] It’s view-only, but you can interact with it – expand and collapse outline nodes, click on tags, and try different searches. And it’s free to sign up for and play around with yourself! Workflowy uses a freemium model, but unlike some other freemium apps, the free version is full-featured and should be plenty for most users. Click here to get started.

Research Librarian, Perkins Coie LLP