Short Videos to Help Students Learn Microsoft Word Styles

Guest post by Rebecca Fordon, Reference Librarian & Adjunct Professor, at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Contact Rebecca at or on Twitter @thefordon.

My first-year legal research and writing students are currently working on their first memo assignment, and I wanted to find them a great, simple resource on Styles for Microsoft Word. As a practitioner, Styles were one of my biggest time-savers when preparing/formatting a brief or memo, and I regretted that I discovered them only after several years of practice. As with many things, I turned to Twitter, and asked for recommendations for short videos demonstrating the use of Styles. Here are the suggestions I received (thanks to Ayo Shittu, Jennifer Romig, and Ivy B. Grey):

  • HotShot Legal – Applying Styles (1:54) and Modifying Styles (0:35). These short videos show how to apply and modify Styles with clear instructions, using a transactional document as an example. Part of HotShot’s Word For Lawyers. Available to students who sign up for a free HotShot account with their law school email.
  • (via Westlaw) – Styles and Formatting in Word (6:14). This video provides a brief justification for Styles, along with instructions on several different ways of applying and modifying Styles. Part of Westlaw’s CoreTech certification, in collaboration with Write.Law. Available to Westlaw users.
  • WordRake – The Power of Styles (38:16). A deep dive into Styles. Begins with a wonderful demonstration of the power of Styles, by applying a series of Styles to an entire document rather than having to format each portion. Part of WordRake’s series on Word and Outlook Tech Tips. Free.
  • How to Use Styles in Microsoft Word (8:08). This video is not specific to law but provides a helpful justification for Styles along with step-by-step directions in applying and modifying Styles. Free on YouTube.


Research Librarian, Perkins Coie LLP