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The Best Book(s) We Read in 2019

Looking for a book to read over the winter holidays? Look no further! Thanks to your fellow CS-SIS and AALL members, here’s a list of the 20 best fiction and non-fiction books they’ve read this year. Wherever possible, I’ve included

Book Covers for Your Blog Posts & Social Media

At the Boley Law Library at Lewis & Clark Law School, we frequently use book cover art for our blog posts and social media outreach. Whether it’s our monthly new books blog post, a post highlighting study aids, or featured

CS-SIS Member Spotlight: Darla Jackson

The Computing-Services Special Interest Section is made up of awesome law librarians doing interesting things.   The CS-SIS Member Spotlight is designed to shine light on our membership so that we can learn more about each other and stay connected. CS-SIS

The Flavor of Open Access Over Rice: Tech Transforms & Transmutes Ed

A few weeks back our law library decided to use a cookie cake tabling event to raise awareness for Open Access (OA) Week and distribute info about OA publishing and our university’s grant opportunity for creating OA educational materials. What

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Look at that! Finding images on the web that you can actually use

The landscape in the Trello looked great, but where on Earth was it?  This video shows how I used Google Image Search to find out.  I also talk about Google Image Search tools, finding free images in Unsplash, searching for

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CS-SIS Member Joe Lawson and the Harris County Law Library Offer Free On-Demand Legal Tech Resources

Joe Lawson, a member of CS-SIS, is the Deputy Director of the Harris County Law Library in Houston,Texas. For some time the Harris County Law Library has been offering recorded CLE programs and handouts via links to YouTube on its

Save Time with Gmail Templates

If you’re a Gmail user, whether it’s at work or home, consider creating Templates to save time on commonly sent emails. Rather than saving those frequently sent emails in a draft folder, then copying and pasting the text from the

How Does LexisNexis’s Courtlink Compare to Bloomberg Law’s Dockets?

This post compares the functionality of Lexis’s Courtlink with that of Dockets on Bloomberg Law. When I was asked to write about this topic, it happened that I had just been asked to look for a brief related to a

Book Review: Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. by Brené Brown

 Many are familiar with Dr. Brené Brown’s* work – we’ve watched her viral TED talks here, here, or here.  Many have read her books – The Gifts of Imperfection, Rising Strong, or Braving the Wilderness – but may not have

The Future of Security, Yesterday: All About Authentication, Authorization and More…

Access to library resources from the user’s perspective is getting simpler and easier at a rapid speed. Most librarians working with tech and computing services in some form or another are working to set up, maintain and improve the end-user