NY Times urges Congress to give public access to CRS Reports

There has been increasing attention to the difficulty of accessing Congressional Research Service Reports.   As many of us know, the only way to get these reports is through the efforts of dedicated people who want them to be more widely availabe; for example,  the LLSDC has a page in their Legislative Source Book dedicated to CRS reports and the Thurgood Marshall Law Library at the University of Maryland has collected CRS reports in the subject areas of Homeland Security/Terrorism and Health Law.  However, with the recent increased visibility of the issue the New York Times today published an editorial urging the Senate Rules Committee to pass  Senate resolution 118 sponsored by Sen. Lieberman of CT that woul require the CRS to publish its reports on its website so the public would have access. The AALL strongly supports the resolution and our own Emily Feldman,  Advocacy Communications Assistant in the AALL Government Relations Office recently blogged on the topic as well.