CS-SIS Roundtable – Mashing Up the White House

On Monday, July 27th, CS Member Scott Frey will lead a Roundtable discussion a the AALL Annual Meeting titled “Mashing Up the White House.”  We will focus on how libraries are using the technological initiatives by the Obama administration to enhance their web sites and improve the delivery of government information.  As an added treat, Sunlight Foundation Policy Director John Wonderlich (http://www.sunlightfoundation.com/people/jwonderlich) will be joining the discussion to give his take on government transparency and the use of technology.  You might want to review President Obama's Technology Issues page at http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/technology/ to learn more about how this Administration plans to improve government by using technology.  This will be an interesting program and I'm sure we will have some lively dialog.

One comment on “CS-SIS Roundtable – Mashing Up the White House
  1. Scott Frey says:

    I’ve posted a few materials relating to this roundtable — including a handout and potential discussion topics — on the CS-SIS wiki: http://aallcssis.pbworks.com/Mashing-Up-the-White-House