LIT-SIS Member Feature: Celebrating Pride Month with Sara Pic

This month on the blog we are featuring LIT-SIS members who identify as LGBTQ+. Email if you’d like to be featured!

  1. Name and pronouns: Sara Pic – she/her
  2. Institution and Role: Head of Public Services at the Law Library of Louisiana
  3. How are you celebrating Pride Month? I celebrated Pride with my family, as shown in the picture below – from left to right, my spouse, Chris; holding our daughter Cora; our son, Charlie; my niece, Maddy; me (representing libraries with my shirt!); and my sister, Elizabeth. We were at Family Equality Day, which is always a favorite event of ours that we have gone to for many years. Unfortunately, this was the first year we had protestors – though, it’s pretty easy to tell who the “bad guys” are when they are out scaring children.

    A picture of a family celebrating pride.
    From left to right, Sara’s spouse, Chris, holding their daughter Cora; their son, Charlie; Sara’s niece, Maddy; Sara; and Sara’s sister, Elizabeth.
  4. Do you have any LGBTQ+ books or resources you’d recommend to blog readers (fiction or non-fiction)? As a mom to toddlers, I am more well-versed on kids’ books these days! We really love the “First Conversations” series which tackles complex topics for littles – the series includes a book on love and relationships and a book on gender. “Itty Bitty Kitty-Corn” is a favorite of our kids – about a kitten who knows in her heart she is a unicorn. “Pride Puppy” is also a fantastic book that teaches ABCs while showing the full rainbow of beauty that is the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride.  I did just read a great article in the New York Times on the most influential queer books – I’ve read some but not all, so maybe one day I will get to them!
  5. How can allies best support LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace? This is one of the most difficult years for the queer community that I can think of. Though I try and tell myself, the arc of the universe bends towards justice – it doesn’t make my current days any easier, when I worry if my spouse (who is a teacher) will be fired if “Don’t Say Gay” laws pass or if anyone in our family will be hurt or attacked. I hope allies can remember that and be there for us – there is real despair and fear we are grappling with. Keep speaking out and standing up with us. We can’t let hate win.

Thank you, Sara, for sharing this glimpse into your family life during Pride and for sharing these resources! 

Associate Director of Research and Instruction, Boley Law Library, Lewis and Clark Law School, in Portland, Oregon.