CS-SIS ABA TECHSHOW Travel Grant Opportunity

The following post is authored by Darla Jackson, CS-SIS Vice Chair

Being aware of technology and expanding our network is so important to being able to effectively and efficiently accomplish our work as information professionals. Attending and participating in ABA TECHSHOW is an opportunity to increase knowledge and awareness of the topics and tools in legal technology. As a result, when I was selected as the CS-SIS Vice Chair, I proposed that my vice chair project include expanding opportunities to attend ABA TECHSHOW.  The CS-SIS Executive Board has provided support for this endeavor by establishing a travel grant for ABA TECHSHOW.

The application deadline is January 4, 2019, so don’t delay! We set the deadline early so that the grant recipient can register in time to take advantage of the early bird registration pricing.

You may be wondering how, after attending ABA TECHSHOW, you can get more involved. I certainly did. I would suggest that you join the ABA Law Practice Division. With the ABA staff, LPD is responsible for organizing ABA TECHSHOW. By joining you also get a discount on ABA TECHSHOW registration.

You might also consider proposing a program for the next ABA TECHSHOW. Submitting a proposal doesn’t ensure that you will be selected to speak, but it doesn’t hurt.  I always watch the LawSites Blog to make sure I know when proposals are being accepted.  Also, I try to look at blogs and articles, like the one I co-authored here, to ensure my proposal ideas are not dated.

This year I submitted several proposals. While the proposals were not selected, the TECHSHOW Board invited me to speak on other interesting topics, including document management with a really great co-presenter, Bryan Sims.  If you are interested to see who is serving on the TECHSHOW Faculty this year, follow the link.

You may note that Catherine Sanders Reach, a former law librarian and co-vice chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2019, is a member of the TECHSHOW Faculty. Catherine knows people and technology and, in true former law librarian fashion, is generous in sharing her knowledge.

Take advantage of the opportunity to apply for the CS-SIS Grant! If you are not a CS-SIS member, consider joining! The CS-SIS is always looking for new members dedicated to serving all the information needs of their users with the aid of developing technologies.