25 CS-SIS membership grants offered to CONELL participants

It’s often hard to prioritize the special interest sections that cover all interests, and at $20 a section, the fees add up.  The Computing Services SIS would like to make it a bit easier to join sections by sponsoring 25 CONELL participants with a 2018-2019 section membership grant to CS-SIS.  There is a string attached, however.  We’d like the grant recipient to join a committee.  Committees are at the heart of CS-SIS, and joining a committee is the best way to network and to help move CS-SIS initiatives forward.

Are you a newer member of AALL interested in joining CS-SIS? Or do you a know a newer member who might be interested?   If so, please fill out the form or share the link.  Only 25 section membership grants will be awarded, so sign up soon.  Direct questions to CS-SIS Chair, Tawnya Plumb.