2009-10 Committee Chairs

Below is a list of our new committees along with the chairs for the 2009-10 term.  Thanks to these individuals for volunteering their time and talent.

Committee 2009-10 Chair
Adaptive Technologies Committee Ryan Overdorf
Awards & Grants Committee Monica Sharum
Communications Committee Jason Eiseman
Education Committee Dan Blackaby
Emerging Technologies Subcommittee TBD after W2C 2009
NISO Standards Subcommittee Michael Robak
Job Descriptions Database Committee Stacey Lane Rowland
Nominations Committee Vicki Szymczak
Program Planning Committee Bonnie Shucha
Recruitment & Involvement Committee Jean Willis
Strategic Planning Committee (Ad Hoc) Vicki Szymczak
Community Service Project Liaison Pam Brannon

If you would be willing to volunteer for a committee and have not already let me know, please contact me at bjshucha@wisc.edu.  Let me know if you’re interested in working with a specific committee or if you’re just willing to help out where ever needed.  Thanks!

Bonnie Shucha
CS-SIS Chair