Tech to Watch From CES

CES, a global technology event, wrapped up in early January and while I didn’t attend, I was curious to find out what new technologies were introduced at the event that might interest librarians and educators. I found a number of exhibitors with fascinating products that might not be immediately usable in law libraries but are still worth keeping an eye on; however, other exhibitors have products that law librarians and law professors could benefit from right away.

American Printing House – a non-profit that provides accessibility solutions for people with vision loss, including braille-ready files for screenreaders.

Badger – a closed caption speech badge that picks up your voice through your mask so the d/Deaf and hard of hearing can see what you’re saying on the badge you wear.

A silver laptop computer with two small white robots next to it.
Meet Bocco, a communication robot.

Bocco – a communication robot the company envisions replacing smartphones. The company also designed a tail-wagging comfort pillow (not kidding).

BUDDY Pro – a social robot that the company envisions assisting with customer service and education, amongst other things.

Goodmaps – provides accurate digital maps for the blind user.

Got This – an app to help people with anxiety and stress.

MemoryOS – an app to help improve your memory.

RoybiVerse – an immersive education environment.

Seleste – smart glasses for the visually impaired whose features include a text reader.

StoryFile – a platform to build conversational video content with possible uses in asynchronous classrooms.

Research Librarian, Perkins Coie LLP