Top Tech for Holiday Gift Giving, 2022 Edition

Do you have a tech lover in your life? Not sure what to add to your own wishlist this holiday season? Here’s a link roundup of gift guides for tech lovers. And here are some of our favorites that didn’t make these lists: a rechargeable USB lighter, a travel case for organizing your tech gear, and cleaning putty for your keyboard.

Holiday-themed search box with pretend search for "Holiday gift ideas for techies"

  1. From CNET: Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Top Picks from CNET Editors. This list includes a travel-friendly speaker, a mini massage gun, and an updated Nintendo Switch.
  2. From Forbes: The 41 Best Tech Gifts for Everyone in your Life. This list includes a desktop tablet stand, a 4-in-1 wireless charging mat, a high-tech Rubik’s Cube, and a Bluetooth record player.
  3. From the New York Times: The 20 Best Tech Gifts for the Holidays. This list includes an instant photo printer, wireless, noise-canceling headphones, and a drawing tablet.
  4. From the Wall Street Journal: Best Tech Gifts 2022. This list includes a laptop sleeve/stand, a bike helmet, a hand-held music maker, and a webcam light.
  5. From Popular Mechanics: The Best Tech Gifts for the Gadget-Obsessed. This list includes an upgraded keyboard, a rechargeable flashlight, and an eye massager.


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