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Nurani Hukum Law Journal

Indonesia has a long-standing educational tradition in dual language learning and scholarship. From the early period of scholarly exchanges during the Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms to the  leading to the production of scholars, translating, and interpreting classical Arabic works. Currently its private educational emphasis is on the production of English language research and scholarship.  Indonesian legal scholars have the potential to bridge the gap between the demand for material on Islamic law, and the over reliance on understanding and analysis of Islam from a European orientalist perspective.

Located in Serang, Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. Its faculty of law is located West of Jakarta. Nurani Hukum is a national peer review journal on legal studies. The journal aims to publish new work of the highest caliber across the full range of legal scholarship, which includes but is not limited to works in the law and history, legal philosophy, sociology of law, Socio-legal studies, International Law, Environmental Law, Criminal Law, Private Law, Islamic Law, Agrarian Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, Civil Procedural Law and Adat Law.

Heinonline has recently made this journal available to be accessed by a range of interdisciplinary scholars. It is anticipated that the increased availability of journals of this caliber, will add diversity and inclusion to the current scholarly ecosystem of Islamic law studies.