Have you submitted your CALI proposal yet? Due March 6!

CALI Con 2020 Agents of Innovation PosterChicago, first week of June.  Usually in the mid-70s.  Might not rain. Cubs are in town Wednesday, Sox on Friday and SaturdayThe Monet exhibit will still be at the Art Institute.  The Lincoln Park Zoo is always free, as is the big ‘ol BeanGyros and hot dogs everywhere you look (just don’t ask for ketchup).  There’s plenty of pizza, too!  

You’re just dying to visit us.  How could you not be?

Getting there is easy — the 2020 CALI Conference will be held at Chicago-Kent on Thursday, June 4, and Friday, June 5, 2020.  It’s great to go as an attendee, but even better (and cheaper), to go as a speaker!  Submission proposals are due on Friday, March 6 – you still have plenty of time!

But I’ve never spoken at a conference before!

CALI is a great conference for novice and experienced speakers.  Your audience is engaged and will lots of questions — if not during the presentation, then during the many, many food-laden breaks.  

You’ll never be hungry for long at a CALI conference.

I have a vague idea but it’s not fleshed out yet

You can ask for feedback on the Teknoids listserv (site is in transition right now but you can still use the listserv).  You may even find other speakers!

I’m not in academia

Some law firms and other organizations are members – check to see if your sis.  And we’d love to hear about your experiences.  If you’re not a CALI member, you can still speak and attend.

I’m not a techie

If you use technology for teaching, submit about your experience.  And you should still attend – you’ll learn a lot!

And did I mention the food?  Breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and even a dinner?

Submit your proposal now!


Educational Technology Librarian at Chicago-Kent College of Law