Book Covers for Your Blog Posts & Social Media

At the Boley Law Library at Lewis & Clark Law School, we frequently use book cover art for our blog posts and social media outreach. Whether it’s our monthly new books blog post, a post highlighting study aids, or featured faculty publications, we’ve found a need for book cover art and an easy way to save multiple book covers in a single image. Our solution? Goodreads.

As an example for this post, I’m using recent or soon-to-be-released Lewis & Clark Law School faculty publications.

First, search for the book title on Goodreads. If it’s not there, you have the option of manually adding the title, including cover art, as well as author(s), ISBN, publisher, number of pages, format, and edition.

add cover art manually

Second, add the title to one of your shelves. I use my Want to Read shelf to store the titles I want to add to my posts.

Third, after you’ve added all of the titles you want to group into one image, choose My Books, then filter by bookshelf. Since all of my titles are saved in the Want to Read, I select My Books, then filter by the Want to Read bookshelf. Another tip: you might need to sort your books in list view by date added, then switch back to image view.

Additional instructions for adding book covers in GoodReads

Now you’re ready to save the image. In my example, I only want the top row of books added (the titles on the second row are from a previous post). I can use a third-party app like Monosnap, or a system-provided screenshot tool to grab this image. On Mac, if you’re running macOS Mojave or later, you can use the Screenshot app. On PC, you can use the Print Screen button.

Below you’ll see the final image from Goodreads that I captured using the Monosnap app.

final book cover art on Goodreads

Questions? Let me know!

Research Librarian, Perkins Coie LLP