CS Roundtable @ AALL 2019

How does a critical theory of technology relate to the practice of librarianship?

If you’ll be attending the AALL Annual Conference in DC, come find out at the CS Roundtable on Technology and Culture in the Law Library, hosted by Rebecca Kunkel, of Rutgers University Law School Library.

It will take place on Tuesday, July 16 from 12:45 – 1:45 pm in room 156 of the convention center.

The discussions will focus on how technology fits into your library and your institution’s culture and are planned for 4 general topics within the critical theory of technology:

  1. labor process theory
  2. the critique of technology as ideology
  3. technology & gender
  4. technological determinism/critiques of the information society

There will be two handouts, one of which is intended to introduce participants to a few ideas in labor process theory. It is available online here for anyone who’d like to get a head start. (I’d recommend reading it even if you’re not going!) The other handout will be a short bibliography for anyone interested in doing more reading/research on the topics discussed.

We hope to see you there!