Join us at AALL for CS-SIS roundtables

The Computing Services Special Interest Section is sponsoring three discussion-oriented roundtable sessions this year, each focused on a topic of current interest and led by an expert member who is actively working in the area.

Teaching Law Practice Technology Courses

Sunday, July 15 (12:45 PM – 1:45 PM)
Elizabeth Farrell Clifford

Curious about technology competencies? Considering adding tech trainings to the library’s offerings? Completely intimidated by the seemingly large and ever-changing legal tech landscape? In this roundtable, we’ll discuss anything from getting started to with teaching legal tech to considering advanced tech curriculum offerings. Perspectives from academia, firms, and courts are all welcome!

Increasing Access to Courts & Legal Information with Technology

Sunday, July 15 (5:15 PM – 6:15 PM)
Anne Rajotte
Technology is being used in new ways to improve access to the courts and legal information. Document assembly systems, predictive analytics, chatbots, online dispute resolution, and other systems provide ways to lower the cost of and expand access to legal services. This roundtable will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of how technology is changing access to courts and legal information and how it could change the delivery of legal services in the future.

Bots in the Library

Monday, July 16 (3:30 PM – 4:30 PM)
Debbie Ginsberg
When you have fewer librarians around, how can you get everything done? Automate! In this roundtable, we’ll discuss selecting and implementing technologies to automate library processes, from bots, to expert systems, to blockchain, and more.

Educational Technology Librarian at Chicago-Kent College of Law