Innovation and Failing Up – An Experiment in Crowdsourcing at the Annual Meeting

CS-SIS is a haven for the curious. For those librarians looking a bit to the west to see what else is out there. Sometimes we strike gold and sometimes we strike out. Unfortunately, there are no treasure maps, only fellow travelers to share the journey. 

Innovation requires risk.  There is always a possibility of failing, sometime failing hard.  And there are those that would argue that those who aren’t failing aren’t trying.  Our goal with this session is to fail up-to build on the experiences of those whose big ideas didn’t turn out quite like they expected or to think about ways to make the big idea successful from the get go.

At the CS-SIS pop up meeting, you can drop your next big idea (or the one that tanked) into a hat.  If we pull it out, we’ll talk about it. The group will brainstorm ways that it could be tweaked to be successful or provide feedback from someone who has already been there. 

2013 AALL Annual Meeting and ConferenceDate/Time: Mon, Jul 15 11:45am – 12:45pm

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