Winter update

I wanted to share a few CS-SIS updates with all of you to get our blog rolling for the New Year:

  • The board sent a short response to the Annual Meeting Special Committee about the Velvet Chainsaw Consulting report. We focused on the fact that our SIS has been innovating for years in some of the ways VCC recommends and our concern that limiting the roles of SISes in the way VCC recommends may inhibit future innovation.
  • Our new website, which you are now reading, launched at the end of last year and is now fully switched over to our new server. If you have blogged for CS in the past, you already have account; you just need to reset your password. You can do so and request an account if you don't have one by clicking the login link in the page footer. We welcome blog posts from our membership about anything potentially of interest to CS members.
  • We had 8 programs including a full-day workshop on building mobile apps accepted for the annual meeting. We will also be sponsoring a regular program (about HTML5), a roundtable (about educational technology), and a hot topic session for non-AMPC programming. Got ideas for hot technology topics? Please let me, Dan Blackaby, or Jason Eiseman know. We'll decide on a topic closer to the meeting. Likewise, we are looking for ideas for our SIS VIP guest.
  • Archives of the CS-SIS newsletters are slated to be included in the Spinelli reference shelf on HeinOnline.
  • The spring AALL e-board meeting is scheduled for March. If there is anything we as an SIS want them to consider, the deadline for submitting items (in the categories of action, consent, or information), the deadline is February 17. If you have any thoughts on this, please let the board know.

As always, the CS board welcome ideas from members about what kinds of new activities and projects we should be working on next!