Aug. 20 law librarian conversations: Net Neutrality and the Death of the Web

Law Librarian Conversations Welcome to the New Year: Net Neutrality and the Death of the World Wide Web

Join Richard Leiter and the crew for a live podcast tomorrow, August 20, from 3:00-4:00 PM Eastern with special guests:

  • Prof Marvin Ammori, leading telecommunications scholar and expert on net neutrality and
  • Prof Richard Dooling, author, “Rapture for the Geeks,” “White Man's Grave,” “Brainstorm,” and New York Times contributor

Other topics:

  1. The Elephant posts on process versus product, on the 3Geeks blog
  2. New developments on the Ning Law Library network
  3. End of advance sheets
  4. West's Casebook rentals
  5. Microsoft Office/Lexis

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