What data should federal agencies publish?

Emily Feldman, AALL Advocacy Communications Assistant who is working with the White House's Open Government working group, is asking AALL members to contact her with specific types of information and datasets that you’d like to see Federal government  agencies publish. The working group is also very interested in any cross-agency datasets you’d like to see added to Data.gov (e.g., crime data from DOJ/DHS, health data from EPA/HHS).

Some of the suggestions received so far include:

  • All historic content that agencies have digitized (presuming that agencies followed the Paperwork Reduction Act and didn’t make exclusive deals)
  • All the legislative histories that have been digitized by the Department of Justice Library
  • Dataset on “charges of discrimination” filed from the EEOC

Are there other information holdings or datasets that you’d like to see added? Please email Emily (efeldman@aall.org) the title and name of the publishing agency by close of business today,  Wednesday, March 17.