CALI conference

There were lots of CS-SISsies at the CALI conference in Boulder last week both as attendees and presenters. CS-SIS held a preliminary meeting at the conference to talk about potential CSSIS programs  for the 2010 AALL meeting in Denver. If you weren’t able to attend, there will be another CS-SIS Program Planning Meeting at AALL on Monday, July 27, 2009 from 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM in WCC-Room 158 A.

If you weren’t able to be at CALI’s closing plenary on Saturday, John Mayer announced that next year’s CALI conference will be held at Rutgers School of Law – Camden in Camden, NJ, which is just across the Schuylkill Delaware River from Philadelphia, PA (thanks for the correction!). Here’s an article about their new building, which opened last fall, and here’s a map showing the location.

2 Comments on “CALI conference

  1. Sounds like fun! Minor quibble – the Delaware River separates Camden from Philadelphia, not the Schuylkill.