CS-SIS 2009 Grant Recipients

The Computing Services Special Interest Section continues our practice of providing grants to worthy AALL members to attend the Annual Meeting. The Grants committee, chaired by Monica Sharnum, gave grants to the following four members who we look forward to working with CS-SIS in the years to come.

Library Student and New Librarian grants were given to:

  • Joe Cera, who is enrolled at the University of Washington and is currently Intern/Law Librarianship Student at the University of Washington, Gallagher Law Library
  • Caroline Young, Reference and Technology Librarian at Rutgers University Law School Library

Two grants were given to librarians who have been active members in our profession for three years or more:

  • Carmen Melendez, a Reference Librarian at the University of Puerto Rico Law Library
  • Wei Fang, the Digital Services Librarian at Rutgers University Law School Library

Congratulations to all our recipients. We look forward to seeing them at AALL next month!