AALL webinar next Tuesday June 9

There is an AALL Continuing Professional Education webinar on Tuesday, June 9 at 1 pm eastern that may be of interest to CSSISies. It's called “Shared Electronic Resource Understanding (SERU): Can It Work in My Library?” SERU allows libraries and publishers to forgo the traditional (and often burdensome) negotiation process for e-resources in favor of using a set of “common understandings.” Using SERU can save both time and costs for the library and the publisher. In addition to learning about what SERU is and how it works, hear how both librarians and publishers feel about SERU and how SERU is used in practice. What are the legal implications of SERU? Is it feasible in the law library setting? Using a contracts perspective, librarians and publishers alike can learn how using SERU will affect their business relationships. 

The Presenters are Karla Hahn, Assistant Executive Director of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and Judy Luther, President of Informed Strategies, served together as co-chairs of the NISO Working Group that developed SERU.

The cost is $10 for members and non-members alike. Register online by 5 pm June 5.