2009 Computing Services SIS Grant Application for Experienced Law Librarians

Purpose: The purpose of the AALL CS-SIS Grants Program is to provide financial assistance to librarians who have a demonstrated commitment to the law library profession, especially those who are directly involved in providing technology support of any kind within law libraries. Funds are provided by the AALL CS-SIS. The CS-SIS Grants Program is a benefit of membership in AALL and was created by the CS-SIS Grants Committee in December, 1999. Grants issued will be used to support attendance at AALL educational activities, including AALL workshops, the annual AALL Conference or relevant AALL Chapter workshops and seminars. Grants will cover registration costs. However, applicants may request consideration for additional financial support to attend educational events. Information justifying specialized needs is required in such cases.

Deadline: May 1, 2009 for AALL Annual Conference or Institutes Awards for other relevant AALL or AALL chapter programs as needed.

Qualifications: An applicant must be a current member of CS-SIS and AALL.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. In the event circumstances prevent the use of the grant by a recipient, the grant reverts to the CS-SIS for disposition at the discretion of the Chair. Individuals who have received a CS-SIS grant within the two previous years will not be considered.

Selection Criteria: Preference may be given to:

  • Active members of the CS-SIS
  • Individuals who have never attended an AALL workshop or Annual Conference
  • Individuals with financial need
  • Individuals who are not previous CS-SIS grant recipients

Notification: Grant recipients will be notified by phone. A general announcement may be shared in AALL publications or listservs.

Responsibilities: Grant recipients are required to provide some type of service to the CS-SIS in the form of an article for the CS-SIS website, active committee participation, attendance at program planning meetings, etc. Contributions may be negotiated with the CS-SIS Board at the time of receiving the grant.

Procedure: Applications can be sent to Monica Sharum, Electronic Services Librarian, University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law at msharum@pacific.edu. She can also be reached at 916.739.7014.


Work Address and Telephone:

E-Mail Address:

Title / Position and Dates of Service:

I am applying for a grant to: _____AALL Annual Conference _____Other; please describe:


Check those that apply for the grant you are applying for:

______I have never attended an AALL Annual Conference.

______I have never attended an AALL workshop/institute

______I have never attended an AALL Chapter institute/seminar/workshop

______I have previously attended one or all of these education events. Year(s)

Will your employer pay any percentage of expenses? ____No____Yes, percent: _______

If I do not receive a grant: (Check one)

______I will be unable to attend this educational activity.

______I may not be able to attend this educational activity.

______I will attend this educational activity.

List CS, AALL and AALL chapter activities in which you are presently involved:

Length of membership in AALL? _______________

Please describe why you should be awarded a grant. How does attending this educational activity relate to your current job and career goals? Please list any additional factors the Committee should consider in reviewing your application.