CSSIS Web 2.0 Challenge

Starting June 13th, register for the CS-SIS Web 2.0 Challenge!

The Web 2.0 Challenge will provide a free, comprehensive, and social online learning opportunity designed for law librarians by directing them in hands-on use of these technologies. The course is intended for law librarians who have little experience with these technologies but are interested in learning more.

The online course will take place between July 21 and August 18. The five week course will cover these areas:

  • Week 1: Blogs & RSS
  • Week 2: Wikis
  • Week 3: Social Networking Software and Second Life
  • Week 4: Flickr & Social Bookmarking Software
  • Week 5: Selling Social Software @ Your Library

For more information, including how to sign up, go here.

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